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  1. Prediction, necessary to move from reactive medicine to proactive care
  2. Prevention, necessary to move from illness care to care that preserves health
  3. Personalization, necessary for relevance and fit
  4. Participation, necessary for all care that requires personal behavior change

People do things voluntarily and consistently when all the components necessary for human flourishing (PERMA) are all well executed:

  • Positive Emotions
  • Engagement (or flow)
  • Relationships/social connections
  • Meaning (and purpose)
  • Accomplishment

 The nice thing is that there is considerable practical knowledge about PERMA since these attributes accompany every successful on line game.

Health and wellbeing of friends, families, and neighborhoods have a real advantage because Relationship and Meaning come with the territory. To bring all of PERMA to bear we must become experts at supporting positive emotions (Barbara Fredrickson’s work is very practical and helpful) and we must learn from the gaming community on Engagement and Accomplishment.